Famous NEW YORK branch on 222 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 is known as Dinner, Hamburgers, Healthy, Lunch Specials, Organic, Salads, Sandwiches, Vegan, Vegetarian restaurant has expanded their network and open a new restaurant in incredibly attractive, extremely developed Windermere community in Edmonton Alberta. It is located ON 6195 CURRENTS DRIVE.

BURGER VILLAGE render11 final

The tenancy area is located in adjacent brand new commercial plaza building to Cineplex Theater. We were lucky to have a chance to review the volumetric space with high showcase windows and additional transom above them as feature, that make the commercial superb for nice interior design.


Our company goal was gently to transfer the U.S branch style into the designated commercial area following the Canadian building codes safety standard. The pivotal difference among those North American countries was the standard of usage some finish materials. Restaurant is design for 46 total seats with more than 1000 Sq. Ft. dining area and total 1900 sq.ft. That is deemed middle size restaurant.

The rectangular shape of the barn type interior reminds us of the great times of the first north american settlers.

BURGER VILLAGE render9 final

Because this restaurant has rural barn interior design and requires to use reclaimed wood panels, we have had substitute them on artificial wood panels, on the floor instead the wood plank is suggested to apply the ceramic tile that emulate the old barn wood floor.

As consequence of long negotiations with owners of the franchise about the concept of the dining area we were determined to implement the full height open ceiling with exposed structures as trusses, to keep visible the metal sheet roof panels and the HVAC.


1.1 That render reflects the first option of selected faux reclaimed wood panels.

For the sense of farm atmosphere it was suggested to hang in the plumbing pipe style wall light ( sconces) and find the suspended light fixtures with plumbing valves bulb bases.

Almost full-height glazing with transom allows visitors to see the surrounding street as theatrical backstage.

The tables has been designed as modular system, that allow the owner to move, combine and separate them easy. The top of the table is implemented by butcher wood slab supported by antique table base.

This is the first branch in Canada that is keening to conquer this market in future as distinctive real juicy U.S burger restaurant.


The Ronald McDonald House Charity renovation project is an expansion of the existing facility to provide additional short term housing capacity for families with hospitalized children.

kitchen model7.jpg

We were dedicated to remodel their kitchen and cantina area.


This project involved the renovation of a house designed by Alex Ksenofontov and renovated by Re-invent renovation in 2018.


We were attempting to keep as much as possible original plan of the main floor and fully changed the second floor master bedroom with ensuite. 1

The Great room was combined with kitchen and dining area in ratio 50/50. Prior the renovation it was longing to 30/60, 30% of it went to kitchen. The Great room was combined with kitchen and dining area in ratio 50/50. Prior the renovation was ratio to 30/60, 30% of it went to kitchen. We added the side bar as feature for the dining area.

The second floor has required bigger ensuite in comparison the before renovation state. Customer desired to have “walk in closet” as well, therefore we have been force to take some portion from the adjacent bedroom behind the wall in benefit to master bedroom.

Well, the house interior has been changed from traditional colonial style into contemporary Canadian style atmosphere.


When you are established in your dreams house it is high time to think about the outdoor space, especially, if you have a decent sized lot.


Once upon a time our customer has decided to move out from the city to the rural acreage. They found the compact house that satisfied their family members. It is not a secret that we are all eager time to time to immerse close to our mother nature in order to harmonize our state. The client wasn’t an exception. She requested us to design a tiny summerhouse that could be a great feature on their huge territory.


The pivotal point of her requirement was to have the Gazebo that let her to be covered from the nasty weather and avoid the flies or mosquitoes intrudes.


Furthermore any mechanical room break the gazebo concept. After All we got the solution. The wood burner fireplace. It could be cozy and functional.


At the beginning we proposed to make the round shape of the body with pyramidal type of roof.

Customer was impressed and would love it to have on the yard. She was analyzing this version for a couple days was discussing with family members and conclude we have to make more space, because time to time they used to gather with their friends. Definitely, we have to have at least 6 persons capacity.rendering

So, what we designed as consequences of brainstorm. The rectangular structure is made of cedar wood that sheathed in wide Cedar boards and plywood.


In order to have a sense of nature presence such as the wind light breeze, the sounds of birds and flying insects, tree leaves rustles or ornamental grasses we implemented instead the regular glass windows the net screensRJM_0905

This gazebo lets to enjoy even the night time atmosphere, keeping warm and fairy moment in depth of memory.



The restaurant is located in the heart of Edmonton downtown on Jasper avenue in previous Sobeys food retailer in Canada. The interior is a mix of traditional architectural details of building in Yunnan, Kunming in during of reign of Ming, Qing dynasties and nowadays tendentious in commercial industry. We eager to transfer the fell of Yunnan region city and nature materials into the restaurant interior.


Designated chain beloved across China for its hearty and endless refillable bowls of noodle soup.


It has opened four branches in Canada, most of them in Ontario, one in Calgary Alberta. Customer from Edmonton inquired our company to design the restaurant way more fancy emphasis with nowadays modern elements that have no lack of coziness and will motivate the visitors to come back here again.


The main walls coverage has fire rated cedar wood slat wall panels. Bottom ones are 90 degree upright secured, the top ones are inclined.


Between both wood sections is suggested to be applied noodle rice food processing schemes on one side and the poster of the cuisine history.

The customers desired to keep the concept of the dining area to be opened.


To skip the “well effect” we decided to implement the broken line drop ceiling with max. 3 feet offset from the wall.


The Illumination solution has been broken apart on four groups:

  • General light (spot light and suspended light fixtures above each table
  • Directional light (track light).
  • Decorative bulbs
  • Recessed ambient LED strip light.

That variety of light sources let the owner to be composer of the illumination setting an appropriate atmosphere for any occasion.

Enjoying the meal, visitors would be able to plunge into the atmosphere of establishing of Yunnan cuisine, reading the wall posters history.


Additionon on 59 Master crescent SE, Calgary, AB

Client bought the house in fast-growing Mahogany community in Calgary AB.  His backyard turned out undeveloped and absolutely bare and the dwelling had lack of sunroom.


He pointed out the the list of requirements, most of them he has had shrank, because of the budget and some haven’t fall to the domestic building codes.


Ultimately, we have designed wood frame addition with cathedral type roof, that has  degree pitch.
Covered by shingles tiles and with two skylight, exterior walls are finished by cedar shake siding with 3 casements of sliding doors and assembled on screw piles make the sense of lightweight.

The addition has been designed and implemented according of RSI calculation, that ensure energy efficiency in foothill region.


Our company has provided composite deck, for two cars garage with vaulted roof and stamped concrete patio installation.

Tudor style gazebo

5-5 copy

Tudor style gazebo has been designed for the residential customer in Upper Mount Royal, Calgary, AB (Summer 2018)

Ultimately, we have determined to use the cedar wood frame and kayu exotic wood in interior paneling.

1-1 (2)

Turned out that the customer is a connoisseur of Renaissance or Tudor style, therefore we have been forced to plunge into 16th century atmosphere in order to achieve the authentic result.

6-6 copy

We have been challenged as well to follow the City of Calgary building code regulation for getting the permission in specified community. 

4-4 copy

After 3 month of struggling we have been approved to implement that project. 

3-3 copy

For easy transformation to make the gazebo part of the outdoor space, we suggested to integrate the retractable type of windows. In foldable state it opens to you the eight feet span

Dutch trader’s shop

This commercial six platform attached building is situated in industrial south eastern zone of Calgary Alberta Canada.  It is proposal project for individual traders, who requires to have the administrative office with showroom and  the shop at the back side with hanging  garage doors. The property has  two accesses: main front entrance with parking lots and a plenty room for shipping materials/products of their business.


The design of the front desk area disclosures a lot of space for daylights, that makes atmosphere of volume. Structure is using stainless steel H-beams for many of the same reasons that it is used for so many manufacturing applications. It provides superior corrosion resistance, superior strength and superior ductility. In spite of its strength, stainless steel can be easily worked and easily welded. The metal boards are extended up to the wall and continuing to the foundation. The key benefit of metal roofing and wall panels is that they positively impact building performance by providing longevity, durability and sustainability. Each side of two slope roof has four skylight panels that ensure penetration of sufficient daylight inside of the offices and the shop. 

City trade show display

The main purpose in creation this signage has been to disclose sort of fresh vision of city landscape.



Traditional rough shape of nowadays pylons doesn’t attract anymore especially at darkness. Apparently, it is high time to make our space innovatively.