The Amsterdam style three brothers two floor commercial condos 1650 sq. ft each with eight feet ceiling clearance on the main floor and 15 feet height open space to the exposed webbed steel roof deck ceiling on the upper floor.

At the very top is located 35 feet long triangle shaped skylight window that not only open to natural light, but heading the natural precipitation onto two portions on the corrugated roof, therefore unloading the surface from the  heavy weight.

No less than 72 feet long, the 40 feet wide and 25 feet high rectangular building is made up essentially of steel shipping containers and faced with brick veneer, stucco panels.

Although the Dutch Three Brothers Commercial condos are different by offsets each container in order to avoid structural repetitive facade composition. Those biases make the deepness of the exterior sections, letting the shadows play at the daytime light.

In the middle of interior discloses the eight feet wide stairway that connects each floor with a sense of the immense formal mercantile area.

If you get excited about architecture and looking the most affordable commercial space for your small business, either to build the mercantile property in purpose to put  for lease you will most definitely find some advantages in that type of project.

Searching the land make sure to foresee such aspects as:

  • Zoning. Zoning implements municipal and regional district land use planning visions expressed in official community plans and regional growth strategies, and may support community sustainability and resilience goals.
The general points have to be taken into account that might be regulated within a zone:
  1. Use and density of land, buildings and other structures
  2. Sitting, size and dimensions of buildings and other structures and permitted uses.
  3. Location of uses on the land and within buildings and other structures.
  4. Shape, dimensions and area of all parcels of land created by subdivision (this can include establishing minimum and maximum parcel sizes).
  5. Uses within a zone.
  6. Locations within a zone
  7. Standards of works and services:
  • Provisions may be different for different areas
  • The boundaries of servicing areas may be different from the boundaries of the zone
  • Septic system
Design and size can vary widely, from within your neighborhood to across the country, due to a combination of factors. These factors include household size, soil type, site slope, lot size, proximity to sensitive water bodies, weather conditions, or even local regulations.
  • Electrical supply
If you are planning to build the property inner city, you should be aware of the requirements needed for overhead services like electrical, metering equipment and overhead conductors.
  • Other
Beside the general aspect is has to be complied the local Building codes and standards regulations.

Coming back to the architectural perspective, these types of building system allows you add the extra space upon the requirements of your tenant, who need bigger area. It is simply to implement from the back if you have predicted this and kept the gap on the property land for extension opportunity.

The 20, 40 feet long containers allows to merge the existing building to a new addition.

The most important fact that shouldn’t be concealed, that you have to develop the driveway with minimum required parking lots, loading zones, egress/ingress, minimal landscape in order to ensure the safe, therefore this have to be budgeted.

The simplest container need little more than a gravel bed or precast concrete corner pads for a foundation but the most common types of permanent foundations are concrete pier systems which let the containers plug into deck pin mounts on the top of the piers. Where the ground is pretty level, prefabricated pin-pier foundations offer a good low cost foundation system. They’re pretty good for any type of tiny buildings application.

In which projects will be suitable to use these Modular systems?

  1. In a small and medium size town houses, detached houses, duplexes,
  2.  Commercial condos with multi-use retail stores on the main floor, and a short term housing on the upper floor,
  3. Trader shops, kiosks, galleries, library, offices, restaurants/ cafeteria, florist shops, small market hall spaces, e. t. c.

The Top notch of this idea allows you to lease a land instead getting into possession without worries of local or global market change impact on your business. Afterwards of the five, ten or more years contract with your property landlord, in case of termination these modular system lets you to move out to beneficial location, where the market has demand on affordable or seasonal commercial spaces.

Ultimately, this is a great worldwide market opportunity, if to set up the production line of these modular systems with structural attachments, technological units and decorative frills if applicable in respect to commence to spread it out shipping as a kit to the customers of territories where it demanded. Especially, where it requires to be assembled in short period of time, but time as known is money.

So this project can efficient and flexible option of solving the housing questions, business strategies or simply organizing the temporary structure for a local event, for instance, such as “BURNING MAN” festival.