435 Glamorgan Pl. Calgary AB

Home renovation is a challenge? With inspired wizard this process could fascinate any customer, especially if the project is developed taking into account not just a visual priority and functionality but the hint of historical aspects.

We have recently completed the full renovation of the old bungalow in Glamorgan Pl. community with spectacular view to the mountain.

Take a look at these room makeovers that bring updated style and function to areas throughout the house.

Probably, you’ll find tons of ideas for transforming your home’s drab, dated spaces into inviting areas for family and guests alike.

White paint on the walls, ceiling, and floors brightens this once-dark interior and provides a chic backdrop for a mix of modern Italian furnishings.

Lamps brighten the mostly enclosed space, and a stunning chandelier supplies a decor-defining focal point. 

In process, your team’s discussion about the colors solution we conclude to pick the main color on two shades lighter and eliminate on dark features wall.

The facade has been upgraded using cedar shake and natural slate stack stone framed into trim in dutch style.The facade has been upgraded using cedar shake and natural slate stack stone shaped in dutch style trimming.

Ultimately, we coped to complete the exterior before the extrimal frost has came.


The exterior before was pretty neat but bleached.

Unfortunately, we launched the project at the end of the fall and have had to do the exterior even in snowy weather.

The interior had stink old materials, too yellowish.

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