Franchise Bubble Tea Caffe “Quickly”

Youth Choice Bubble Tea Caffe!

Our team has been hired to redesign the existing bubble tea cafeteria brand where youth loves to hang out and taste the broad variety of drinks and meals.

Overall the dining space occupancy embraces 32 seats.

The Interior Design is prompted and inspired by K-POP Korean Culture utilizing the neon colorful lights. The array of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines creates the dynamic effect to attract the active groups of urban constituencies.

Mirror plank strips make the intrigue of extra visual untouchable space and reflect the cityscape. The bar area ceiling decks out with stretched ceiling circles as a hint of bubbles in the air.

Notwithstanding the foregoing selected finish materials characterize the modern style interior allowing the franchise to be immersed into the urban space organically.

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Feng Donburi Restaurant

It deemed Sushi Japanese food restaurant mostly orientated for takeout and delivery services. However the interior has the vipe of East Asia for dining inside

Overall the dining space occupancy embraces 22 seats.

The pivotal idea has been transferred from the traditional Japanese Building technic in Architecture with dominance of timber paneling.

Maybe To someone with limited knowledge of building design and construction, the country’s hand-built tearooms or sushi bars may appear beautiful yet obsolete in their conveyance of seemingly antiquated practices.

In this case we ain’t mimicking the style or features of historic building, but challenge the relative experience and interior quality if contemporary material practices and experimenting with planes.

In order to plunge into the cultural aspects the interior has a mural wall reminiscent the structure of the traditional Japanese architecture.

On one hand is shown many of warm color timber paneling deploying non-ordinary dynamic arrangements, on another hand in order to delute the perfect shapes the interior has the rough city factory white painted brick wall to emphasis the urbanize.

Floor is covered by 8” x 48” porcelain tile planks that are perfect for winter time when the entry usually is wet area, therefore meet the public spaces safety standard.

The selected finish materials and colors bring customers into the warm season of Japan. Furthermore this design is timeless and cozy, which is deemed to be efficient for the franchise avoiding inevitable redesigning over the decades, pursue the trends down the road.

Modern Single House in Hodgson

874 Hollands Landing NW

This Modern Residential house is situated at Hodgson subdivision SW of Edmonton.

The lot is wrapped by a curved road and the corner dwelling has the advantage to disclose the shape volume broadly. Moreover shown house structure is designed with mixed matching exterior finish materials such as “Kayu” wood planks, vented aluminum panels and stucco.

It is a two storey house with a developed basement and three vehicles garage, four bedrooms five bathrooms, a full kitchen with open to above ceiling. The total area is 4226 sq.ft. above the grade. With nine feet ceiling In a main floor and basement and standard eight feet height on the upper floor. 

Single Family Home in Ebbers Community

The house is located in North East part of Edmonton Alberta and 10 kilometers of downtown city.

The architecture is classified as Neo-traditional style, which is so common in Ebbers community. As main exterior finish material has been selected the traditional/clapboard profile siding with bold and simple wide trims, corner battens, window bands, shadow boards, porch columns and fascia’s painted in white color in order to contrast with dark color siding. For diluting the repetition it has been decided to emphasize the three façade sides with natural cedar shake tiles and urban black color brick veneer.

The interior is developed in minimalist style with sense of ample of light and air. At the very beginning when you enter inside opens the view to the perspective of the interior and natural light penetration from the “open to above” ceiling creates the atmosphere of contemporary dwelling where each focal point intriguing.

The upper floor corridor opens to below view to the entry and a great room. Beside the standard master bedroom and ensuite/walk in closet allocation it would be reasonable to highlight the feature of the upper floor such as shared walk in closet and bathroom for same gender kids rooms. Each kid has the doors to the same section.

The house is situated on sloped infill that allows to design the walkout basement.

Rice Box Restaurant in Chappelle

Rice Box Restaurant

This is Traditional Asian food restaurant mostly orientated for takeout and delivery services.

It has also 15 seats in dining space. The 3D video is showing the interior’s finishes both emphasize the intelligent mixture of mural walls with rice ingredients motives and the rougher presence of numerous wooden elements. The shelving- partition decorations allow to be introduced with some cultural elements and kitchenware of specific cuisine.

Beside the painted walls, it has been defined to deploy the PVC panels on certain walls in terms of wear resistance, rigidity and long-lasting aspects in a guest flow zones.

Floor is covered by high waterproof rated vinyl planks that are perfect for winter time when the entry usually is wet area, therefore meet the public spaces safety standard. Moreover that planks are urethane wear layered that provides stain and scratch resistance. Natural Oak texture imitation has a detailed graining and realistic surface.

Overall, the interior of this restaurant is some sort of a teleport to the food boulvard in one of the Asian countries.

A&H Massage & Acupuncture clinic on 16713 127 street Edmonton AB

A&H Massage & Acupuncture

Traditional Massage and Acupuncture clinic now is available for personalized patient treatment in exquisite contemporary atmosphere.

This location has seven massage and the one acupuncture office each of it is segregated by insulated partition wall.

The reception and waiting area is embellished with MDF Millwork cabinetry that emphasized the feature wall and continues to the drop ceiling as on holistic structure.

 The transition between upper cabinets to the ceiling repeats the service counter deck round corner.

The long corridor has a gypsum ceiling with the curved shape niches. Integrated led strip light in it is covered by translucent stretch ceiling fiber on four inches clearance lower.

Beside the ceiling light the corridor is decorated with floor illumination, implemented by wall recessed light fixture.

The selected colors are classified as elegant modern shades. The interior main walls colors are named “Glimmer” in Sherwin Williams color chart the accent wall paint name is “Aquaverde”

Paying an attention on unexpected furnishing interior solutions our team has been forced to apply regular rigid vinyl planks material in black walnut pattern on the floor.

Such type of floor secures long lasting without further replacement.

Finally, we got along to pull out from the limited space the maximum functionality and esthetic.

9915 149 Street Interior Alteration


The project is suggested to make small changes in alterations not touching the bearing walls or engineered beams.

The pivotal idea of the design is to enhance and simplify the old fashioned detached house into a new version of open concept.

After site visit in person and discussion with the owner it has been decided to merge the kitchen with great room torn down the partition wall among the rooms.

Once we entered the bonus room adjacent to the entry I realized it would be a great approach to combine the upper floor with the designated home office area exposing the ceiling making the “open to above” concept letting the natural upper floor light to penetrate into the bonus room. Meanwhile, it makes the space extraordinary keeping off from the standard box type room.

Because the house is located in a high density coniferous grove area we thought it would be suitable to deploy light nuance finish materials emphasized with bold colors and dark textures in decor and furniture in order to reflect the min light emplify to the maximum gain. Moreover the light shades always have benefits to allow you to design your space down the road adding the new frills when some occasions require.

Hopefully we have designed pretty cozy and nowadays property for a happy owner.


The inspiration for this structure was the traditional Japanese art or technique of folding the plain materials into a variety of decorative or representational forms. At the very beginning of brainstorming on the project we realized that if we won’t go too complicated with searching the shape far away from the regular rectangular  structure we could succeed.  Small bias incline or beveling in a folded line allow us to gain something new, that won’t be so common in the urban space, therefore it could diversify the environment.

 The building is classified as the Mixed -Use purpose, which means the main floor has two commercial units for the tenant public business (hair salon, nail salon, small cafe, chiropractic office e.t.c.). The upper floor is suggested to be short and long term rental apartment property. Built to maximize sustainability and energy efficiency the structure location is perfectly intended for that type of profitable property. It is situated near the heart of downtown Edmonton in a busy area. 

Prefabricated aluminum composite panels structure makes use of what the author calls mass-rejuvenation the past and future of the building elements. Energy efficient lights are used and the roof fascia, soffits and the semi-mansard was designed to reflect light, reducing electricity consumption by 11% as compared to conventional buildings. 

The main finish material of the exterior is the exterior stucco, painted with acrylic paint. The main group of colors was selected that imitate the urban environmental shades, emphasized with feature color in bottom sides of exterior soffits and added the composite material for the residential floor emulating the wood planks finishes. 

Taking into account we work based on the world’s art wealth, making a little move in order to culturally gain overall we are on our way to contribute for urban diversification. 

Dental office in SW of Edmonton

This is one of the first Dental office in one of the newest community, that is dedicated to serve local residence.

Our team has developed the full set of drawings for this project use the perfectly engineered modular cabinets and nowadays standards equipment that are common in North America.

The leased unit of the commercial plaza has almost 1700 sq. ft. area in total and is proposed to arrange six operatories rooms one sterilization and one laboratory room.

Every visit the dental specialist is a bit a stress for a patient, therefore we have had to dilute the sense of formal medical center sense using ratio to cozy home interior in 65 to 34 in respect to office atmosphere in order to minimize the fear.

The evidence of such approach is using as much as possible curved and undulation shapes, warm, eco-colors that drive the visitors to feel a relief.

In the waiting zone was designated to implement the kid’s bay in order to distract them from the further experience.

It was decided to create the spaceship elements for that area deploying the steel sheet cover on the walls and drop ceiling. One of the partitions has semi porthole elements for ultimate interior composition.

After long brainstorms how to organize the reception room it is came up the solution to create the capsule type element for the front desk staff for keeping the integrity of interior. The floor has vinyl finish that mimic the herringbone pattern maple hardwood.

For the main wall color was chosen the decorative paint that imitates the marble finish.

The hallway among the operatory rooms visually is segregated by floating ceiling that is fabricated of stretched ceiling deployment.

From our perspective we have coped pretty efficient in this project taking into account how to achieve the goal in organizing an amount of required rooms in the small and narrow space.



Aspen community is known as one of the large part of once in a lifetime community with panoramic mountain views, breathtaking streetscapes and endless amenities.

The Detached house of this residence has been designed in Canadian Modern Style, and located by the direction of the Rocky mountain.

This project set on the boundary between an urban environment and the mountain. The design takes both landscapes into account.

House has been immersed into the high slope property land. That was a pivotal concept in design contribution.

Ultimately, we have decided to build the TECHO-BLOC retaining walls in order to get a chance pull out as much as possible useful backyard space.

From the customer’s list of preferences we found and implemented most of the outdoor space features.

The composition “house extension under the sky” was suggested to split onto two zones relaxation and functional. On one hand the first zone endeavors to plunge you into sensation, sounds, scents, tactility (that include, softscape, fire pit, waterfall) on another hand to the second zone in active part of the backyard, where each resident can find himself involving in activity incl. (basketball game, gardening, hot tube lounging, chatting in a circle on the covered patio, do yoga on the lawn).

The exterior finish of the house is in two shades of stucco, exposed concrete, red cedar in contrast with a rough surface of the Alberta sandstone, while exposed concrete, lacquer, and plywood are employed in the interior

Our team states that we have willfully made the continuity of space, both vertical and horizontal.