Famous NEW YORK branch on 222 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 is known as Dinner, Hamburgers, Healthy, Lunch Specials, Organic, Salads, Sandwiches, Vegan, Vegetarian restaurant has expanded their network and open a new restaurant in incredibly attractive, extremely developed Windermere community in Edmonton Alberta. It is located ON 6195 CURRENTS DRIVE.

BURGER VILLAGE render11 final

The tenancy area is located in adjacent brand new commercial plaza building to Cineplex Theater. We were lucky to have a chance to review the volumetric space with high showcase windows and additional transom above them as feature, that make the commercial superb for nice interior design.


Our company goal was gently to transfer the U.S branch style into the designated commercial area following the Canadian building codes safety standard. The pivotal difference among those North American countries was the standard of usage some finish materials. Restaurant is design for 46 total seats with more than 1000 Sq. Ft. dining area and total 1900 sq.ft. That is deemed middle size restaurant.

The rectangular shape of the barn type interior reminds us of the great times of the first north american settlers.

BURGER VILLAGE render9 final

Because this restaurant has rural barn interior design and requires to use reclaimed wood panels, we have had substitute them on artificial wood panels, on the floor instead the wood plank is suggested to apply the ceramic tile that emulate the old barn wood floor.

As consequence of long negotiations with owners of the franchise about the concept of the dining area we were determined to implement the full height open ceiling with exposed structures as trusses, to keep visible the metal sheet roof panels and the HVAC.


1.1 That render reflects the first option of selected faux reclaimed wood panels.

For the sense of farm atmosphere it was suggested to hang in the plumbing pipe style wall light ( sconces) and find the suspended light fixtures with plumbing valves bulb bases.

Almost full-height glazing with transom allows visitors to see the surrounding street as theatrical backstage.

The tables has been designed as modular system, that allow the owner to move, combine and separate them easy. The top of the table is implemented by butcher wood slab supported by antique table base.

This is the first branch in Canada that is keening to conquer this market in future as distinctive real juicy U.S burger restaurant.

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