You might be a resident of Canada or a temporary visitor or travel to Canada for the world-famous cuisine, which often includes from tasty brunch to some of the best coffee shop & finest dining restaurants.

However, if you’re also seriously picky for choice when it comes to the best burgers in country. The burgers here are massive and flavorful, often featuring the country’s highest quality beef then piled high with toppings and tasty sauces. Did you know that in Canada more than 50 different burger restaurants.

We glad to share that in Windermere community of Edmonton recently has been opened the first New York Burger Village restaurant in Canada. Our company was hired to develop the design concept and coordinate the process of obtaining the Building Permit.

We were fascinated to design

We were hired to develop the concept and coordinate the process of Building permit based on slogan “Eat Organic Live Healthy”.

That is why the pivotal idea was to deploy the natural looks materials for interior finishes such as Reclaimed barn wood for the walls and the plank type wood floor.

In order to enhance the effect of the suburban atmosphere we added the undulating metal panels on 48” inched from the floor, that matching with so common Barn style.

At the very beginning it was suggested to keep the open ceiling concept, because we were lucky to possess the commercial space with the high vitrine windows and transoms, that is actually beneficial for the dining area, letting to penetrate a decent amount of daylight. On another hand the evening light opens the spectacular view to the street stage.

Indeed, the high vitrines with open space concept makes the intrigue and drives the guests to plunge into your restaurant, especially, in the evening.

Pendant lights and chandeliers have the elements of pipes and valves.