When you are established in your dreams house it is high time to think about the outdoor space, especially, if you have a decent sized lot.


Once upon a time our customer has decided to move out from the city to the rural acreage. They found the compact house that satisfied their family members. It is not a secret that we are all eager time to time to immerse close to our mother nature in order to harmonize our state. The client wasn’t an exception. She requested us to design a tiny summerhouse that could be a great feature on their huge territory.


The pivotal point of her requirement was to have the Gazebo that let her to be covered from the nasty weather and avoid the flies or mosquitoes intrudes.


Furthermore any mechanical room break the gazebo concept. After All we got the solution. The wood burner fireplace. It could be cozy and functional.


At the beginning we proposed to make the round shape of the body with pyramidal type of roof.

Customer was impressed and would love it to have on the yard. She was analyzing this version for a couple days was discussing with family members and conclude we have to make more space, because time to time they used to gather with their friends. Definitely, we have to have at least 6 persons capacity.rendering

So, what we designed as consequences of brainstorm. The rectangular structure is made of cedar wood that sheathed in wide Cedar boards and plywood.


In order to have a sense of nature presence such as the wind light breeze, the sounds of birds and flying insects, tree leaves rustles or ornamental grasses we implemented instead the regular glass windows the net screensRJM_0905

This gazebo lets to enjoy even the night time atmosphere, keeping warm and fairy moment in depth of memory.


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