Have you ever faced with lack of space on your city property lot?

At Meanwhile our customer had a challenge. He possess the land 27 feet wide and 130 feet long only, that forced him to think about to build something narrow. Tiny, house? Nooo! Modular house? Noo! Camper? Oh my goch! Skinny house? Indeed, let’s consider this idea.

LDLINE team has developed the typical size of skinny house that equal: 17’x50′ 2,5 storey house with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathroom.

Total area is: 1900 sq.ft. + 630 sq. ft. undeveloped basement. Design is contemporary style with front and side cantilevers.

The feature of exterior is combining the urban brick veneer with light metal grill.

Pitched roof is upgraded with solar photovoltaic panels that generate around 290 Kw/h per day, that meet 50% of your average energy needs.

The house has two upper terraces, one in front another one is aimed towards to the backyard.

The skinny house is a solution for those who has a limited property lot and is necessary to arrange maximum private space using every single inch of area.

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