Downtown apartment

One bedroom apartment in downtown that suits for time to time accommodation while the business trip. Customer desired to have neutral interior, that have only one accent.

There wasn’t any option beside merging living room with kitchen area, therefore we ultimately we have studio type space with one adjacent bedroom. No doubts, the kitchen has to be cool in contrast of neutral warm main area.

It was selected blue faced cabinets doors with white quartz countertop and eating table.Above dining zone  we decided to implement stretched semi-transparent ceiling with LED module evenly spreading illumination.

Kitchen walls and floor are faced with fade grey porcelain tiles. As kitchen accent it was selected modern ELICA hood fan. 

Living was separated with white oak hardwood floor made in Finland. 

Adjacent partition wall has a false transom, fabricated using the stretched ceiling fabric. Drop ceiling was broken down into three step types slabs.

The bottom one is aligned with kitchen zone ceiling, making the main room highest ceiling elevation as dominant space.

The monochrome washroom is highlighted in green in base free shower. 

Bedroom is pretty small for any frills, so finally the main idea was to make this rest nook as background of the sweet dreams, letting enjoy the spectacular view from the full size  window.

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