This property has been created in BAUHAUS style, inspired by German and founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar 1919 art school that combined art and fine crafts for urban zone.

The house was purpose for owners, who value the freedom from unnecessary things and use functionality of family schedule.

This is pretty affordable dwelling with deeply thoughtful plans for every day routine usage.

It has as only as 2000 sq. ft total area including the upper floor terrace.

It’s hard to list all the indoor and outdoor features of this stunning home, but it has five bathrooms three bedrooms and two saunas ( finish sauna and Hammam).

The gym has an exit the vertical gardens patio.

From the living room disclose a spectacular view to the landscaped backyard with outdoor swimming pool and make an access throughout the retractable doors let you to merge indoor with outdoor space.

Despite of the not so scaled glazed windows tons of natural light penetrate into the rooms, implemented by the corner type windows.

The main floor living room is merged with upper floor space creating up to above the sense of a huge house.

It was developed the feature as a final element of the living room such as 8′ x 10′ convex sky light roof window. The building body shape was built by implementing the cinder blocks measure 16 inches long by 8 inches wide by 8 inches high. Cinder blocks are lightweight, durable and fireproof, making them a useful home building material.

At the very end of the property is situated the modern gazebo with fire pit and the chimney, that can be shelter at the scorching sunny days, either a great retreat at the dark time, when the flame light efficiently reflects from the white walls and illuminates perfectly this nook.

The minimalistically landscape backyard is surrounded by high density conifers and deciduous trees that makes the privacy from the neighbours glances.

The main walls are insulated inside and smooth stucco is faced as main finish, partially covered by matte aluminium siding on front side of building.