This property has been created in BAUHAUS style, inspired by German and founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar 1919 art school that combined art and fine crafts for urban zone.

The house was purpose for owners, who value the freedom from unnecessary things and use functionality of family schedule.

This is pretty affordable dwelling with deeply thoughtful plans for every day routine usage.

It has as only as 2000 sq. ft total area including the upper floor terrace.

It’s hard to list all the indoor and outdoor features of this stunning home, but it has five bathrooms three bedrooms and two saunas ( finish sauna and Hammam).

The gym has an exit the vertical gardens patio.

From the living room disclose a spectacular view to the landscaped backyard with outdoor swimming pool and make an access throughout the retractable doors let you to merge indoor with outdoor space.

Despite of the not so scaled glazed windows tons of natural light penetrate into the rooms, implemented by the corner type windows.

The main floor living room is merged with upper floor space creating up to above the sense of a huge house.

It was developed the feature as a final element of the living room such as 8′ x 10′ convex sky light roof window. The building body shape was built by implementing the cinder blocks measure 16 inches long by 8 inches wide by 8 inches high. Cinder blocks are lightweight, durable and fireproof, making them a useful home building material.

At the very end of the property is situated the modern gazebo with fire pit and the chimney, that can be shelter at the scorching sunny days, either a great retreat at the dark time, when the flame light efficiently reflects from the white walls and illuminates perfectly this nook.

The minimalistically landscape backyard is surrounded by high density conifers and deciduous trees that makes the privacy from the neighbours glances.

The main walls are insulated inside and smooth stucco is faced as main finish, partially covered by matte aluminium siding on front side of building.

Downtown apartment

One bedroom apartment in downtown that suits for time to time accommodation while the business trip. Customer desired to have neutral interior, that have only one accent.

There wasn’t any option beside merging living room with kitchen area, therefore we ultimately we have studio type space with one adjacent bedroom. No doubts, the kitchen has to be cool in contrast of neutral warm main area.

It was selected blue faced cabinets doors with white quartz countertop and eating table.Above dining zone  we decided to implement stretched semi-transparent ceiling with LED module evenly spreading illumination.

Kitchen walls and floor are faced with fade grey porcelain tiles. As kitchen accent it was selected modern ELICA hood fan. 

Living was separated with white oak hardwood floor made in Finland. 

Adjacent partition wall has a false transom, fabricated using the stretched ceiling fabric. Drop ceiling was broken down into three step types slabs.

The bottom one is aligned with kitchen zone ceiling, making the main room highest ceiling elevation as dominant space.

The monochrome washroom is highlighted in green in base free shower. 

Bedroom is pretty small for any frills, so finally the main idea was to make this rest nook as background of the sweet dreams, letting enjoy the spectacular view from the full size  window.

435 Glamorgan Pl. Calgary AB

Home renovation is a challenge? With inspired wizard this process could fascinate any customer, especially if the project is developed taking into account not just a visual priority and functionality but the hint of historical aspects.

We have recently completed the full renovation of the old bungalow in Glamorgan Pl. community with spectacular view to the mountain.

Take a look at these room makeovers that bring updated style and function to areas throughout the house.

Probably, you’ll find tons of ideas for transforming your home’s drab, dated spaces into inviting areas for family and guests alike.

White paint on the walls, ceiling, and floors brightens this once-dark interior and provides a chic backdrop for a mix of modern Italian furnishings.

Lamps brighten the mostly enclosed space, and a stunning chandelier supplies a decor-defining focal point. 

In process, your team’s discussion about the colors solution we conclude to pick the main color on two shades lighter and eliminate on dark features wall.

The facade has been upgraded using cedar shake and natural slate stack stone framed into trim in dutch style.The facade has been upgraded using cedar shake and natural slate stack stone shaped in dutch style trimming.

Ultimately, we coped to complete the exterior before the extrimal frost has came.


The exterior before was pretty neat but bleached.

Unfortunately, we launched the project at the end of the fall and have had to do the exterior even in snowy weather.

The interior had stink old materials, too yellowish.


How should be designed a nail salon, where you would be able refresh yourself?

Each of us are longing to have the touch of sun or summer day.

The pedicure spa is separated from the manicure, implementing slightly curved partition walls with colorful glass panels
Whole area is divided into three zones: entry, service area and secluded rooms.
At the end of secluded zone corridor is installed the shining panel, that consists from the stretch PVC fabric behind the non- ordinary
wooden slatted panel. The source of illumination is high power led strip light strapped rows on the wall.
At the very end of the service zone was suggested to arrange the staff nook with cabinets, UV Tool Sterilizer Dryer Heat Sterilization
Equipment for towels. The CNC cut off golden powder coated panel ensures the privacy and decorative features.

The pivotal approach of success in this business is the superior service therefore must to have always natural global type of illumination.
We found the solution to implement three type of sources of light, beside the table light such as:
-(2700K) ceiling directional spot light combining with
-(3500K) high power track light lamps. As decorative light it have been integrated ceiling ambient RGB led light.
Walls are decorated with plexiglass panels”opal effect” in the bottom and warm white eggshell paint above four feet from the floor.
The drop ceiling has the same color as wall in order to create the sense of holistic room.

On the floor is set 24 in. x 48 in porcelain the “Calacatta” type tiles.
In the service area is located three manicure tables for two clients for each and six pedicure chairs. Among those zones is situated the pathway
heading forward to the secluded area.n the middle of this zone. For integrity, was suggested to embrace first two zones the perimeter drop ceiling
and bizarre shaped ceiling above the corridor. As background is determined the light blue stretched ceiling with gloss sheen.
The waxing room has an ordinary minimalist solution. Walls and ceiling are painted in warm white
in order to ensure sufficient light reflection for comfortable work.