Rice Box Restaurant in Chappelle

Rice Box Restaurant

This is Traditional Asian food restaurant mostly orientated for takeout and delivery services.

It has also 15 seats in dining space. The 3D video is showing the interior’s finishes both emphasize the intelligent mixture of mural walls with rice ingredients motives and the rougher presence of numerous wooden elements. The shelving- partition decorations allow to be introduced with some cultural elements and kitchenware of specific cuisine.

Beside the painted walls, it has been defined to deploy the PVC panels on certain walls in terms of wear resistance, rigidity and long-lasting aspects in a guest flow zones.

Floor is covered by high waterproof rated vinyl planks that are perfect for winter time when the entry usually is wet area, therefore meet the public spaces safety standard. Moreover that planks are urethane wear layered that provides stain and scratch resistance. Natural Oak texture imitation has a detailed graining and realistic surface.

Overall, the interior of this restaurant is some sort of a teleport to the food boulvard in one of the Asian countries.

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