A&H Massage & Acupuncture clinic on 16713 127 street Edmonton AB

A&H Massage & Acupuncture

Traditional Massage and Acupuncture clinic now is available for personalized patient treatment in exquisite contemporary atmosphere.

This location has seven massage and the one acupuncture office each of it is segregated by insulated partition wall.

The reception and waiting area is embellished with MDF Millwork cabinetry that emphasized the feature wall and continues to the drop ceiling as on holistic structure.

 The transition between upper cabinets to the ceiling repeats the service counter deck round corner.

The long corridor has a gypsum ceiling with the curved shape niches. Integrated led strip light in it is covered by translucent stretch ceiling fiber on four inches clearance lower.

Beside the ceiling light the corridor is decorated with floor illumination, implemented by wall recessed light fixture.

The selected colors are classified as elegant modern shades. The interior main walls colors are named “Glimmer” in Sherwin Williams color chart the accent wall paint name is “Aquaverde”

Paying an attention on unexpected furnishing interior solutions our team has been forced to apply regular rigid vinyl planks material in black walnut pattern on the floor.

Such type of floor secures long lasting without further replacement.

Finally, we got along to pull out from the limited space the maximum functionality and esthetic.