9915 149 Street Interior Alteration


The project is suggested to make small changes in alterations not touching the bearing walls or engineered beams.

The pivotal idea of the design is to enhance and simplify the old fashioned detached house into a new version of open concept.

After site visit in person and discussion with the owner it has been decided to merge the kitchen with great room torn down the partition wall among the rooms.

Once we entered the bonus room adjacent to the entry I realized it would be a great approach to combine the upper floor with the designated home office area exposing the ceiling making the “open to above” concept letting the natural upper floor light to penetrate into the bonus room. Meanwhile, it makes the space extraordinary keeping off from the standard box type room.

Because the house is located in a high density coniferous grove area we thought it would be suitable to deploy light nuance finish materials emphasized with bold colors and dark textures in decor and furniture in order to reflect the min light emplify to the maximum gain. Moreover the light shades always have benefits to allow you to design your space down the road adding the new frills when some occasions require.

Hopefully we have designed pretty cozy and nowadays property for a happy owner.

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