The inspiration for this structure was the traditional Japanese art or technique of folding the plain materials into a variety of decorative or representational forms. At the very beginning of brainstorming on the project we realized that if we won’t go too complicated with searching the shape far away from the regular rectangular  structure we could succeed.  Small bias incline or beveling in a folded line allow us to gain something new, that won’t be so common in the urban space, therefore it could diversify the environment.

 The building is classified as the Mixed -Use purpose, which means the main floor has two commercial units for the tenant public business (hair salon, nail salon, small cafe, chiropractic office e.t.c.). The upper floor is suggested to be short and long term rental apartment property. Built to maximize sustainability and energy efficiency the structure location is perfectly intended for that type of profitable property. It is situated near the heart of downtown Edmonton in a busy area. 

Prefabricated aluminum composite panels structure makes use of what the author calls mass-rejuvenation the past and future of the building elements. Energy efficient lights are used and the roof fascia, soffits and the semi-mansard was designed to reflect light, reducing electricity consumption by 11% as compared to conventional buildings. 

The main finish material of the exterior is the exterior stucco, painted with acrylic paint. The main group of colors was selected that imitate the urban environmental shades, emphasized with feature color in bottom sides of exterior soffits and added the composite material for the residential floor emulating the wood planks finishes. 

Taking into account we work based on the world’s art wealth, making a little move in order to culturally gain overall we are on our way to contribute for urban diversification. 

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