PETRO-CANADA convenience store is most spread out stop store across the Canada where you can buy fast coffee, cold drinks, other hot drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, healthy snacks, chips, chocolate bars and other food.
At this proposed location our goal was to emphasis the brand style revealing some feature elements. As the main colors for interior was selected the best advertising commercial trio as PETRO-CANADA use in their petrol stations:  Red-white grey.  

On one hand this combination of colors make the greatest eye catching match, but we have been forced to add a little bit of eco-style and implemented the touch of nature using the oak wood veneer in cabinets and slot walls.

That approach ensures us to step up further in conceiving the public space as part of nowadays environment.

On another hand we understand this store is associated with innovative Petro Canada business in oil field and this has to be reflected in interior. The open ceiling concept lets us to diversify the regular rectangular plan, playing with round shapes. 

Ultimately, we found the solution to integrate the cylindrical mold above the counter and curved drop ceiling above the sitting zone faced with a stainless steel sheets in order to make the sense of pipeline industry.

Instead to illuminate those two areas using regular commercial light fixtures, we decided to deploy the luminescent type of stretch ceiling spreading the light constantly.

Overall store products are suggested to be spotlighted by flood light and design pendant lights that repeat the concept of round shapes.

The metal headers make the illusion of industrial vent grills, therefore is some sort of extension of designated style.

In conclusion, from our team perspective this small move in convenience store design will make a big gain down the road in this field of business.