Feng Donburi Restaurant

It deemed Sushi Japanese food restaurant mostly orientated for takeout and delivery services. However the interior has the vipe of East Asia for dining inside

Overall the dining space occupancy embraces 22 seats.

The pivotal idea has been transferred from the traditional Japanese Building technic in Architecture with dominance of timber paneling.

Maybe To someone with limited knowledge of building design and construction, the country’s hand-built tearooms or sushi bars may appear beautiful yet obsolete in their conveyance of seemingly antiquated practices.

In this case we ain’t mimicking the style or features of historic building, but challenge the relative experience and interior quality if contemporary material practices and experimenting with planes.

In order to plunge into the cultural aspects the interior has a mural wall reminiscent the structure of the traditional Japanese architecture.

On one hand is shown many of warm color timber paneling deploying non-ordinary dynamic arrangements, on another hand in order to delute the perfect shapes the interior has the rough city factory white painted brick wall to emphasis the urbanize.

Floor is covered by 8” x 48” porcelain tile planks that are perfect for winter time when the entry usually is wet area, therefore meet the public spaces safety standard.

The selected finish materials and colors bring customers into the warm season of Japan. Furthermore this design is timeless and cozy, which is deemed to be efficient for the franchise avoiding inevitable redesigning over the decades, pursue the trends down the road.

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