Dental office in SW of Edmonton

This is one of the first Dental office in one of the newest community, that is dedicated to serve local residence.

Our team has developed the full set of drawings for this project use the perfectly engineered modular cabinets and nowadays standards equipment that are common in North America.

The leased unit of the commercial plaza has almost 1700 sq. ft. area in total and is proposed to arrange six operatories rooms one sterilization and one laboratory room.

Every visit the dental specialist is a bit a stress for a patient, therefore we have had to dilute the sense of formal medical center sense using ratio to cozy home interior in 65 to 34 in respect to office atmosphere in order to minimize the fear.

The evidence of such approach is using as much as possible curved and undulation shapes, warm, eco-colors that drive the visitors to feel a relief.

In the waiting zone was designated to implement the kid’s bay in order to distract them from the further experience.

It was decided to create the spaceship elements for that area deploying the steel sheet cover on the walls and drop ceiling. One of the partitions has semi porthole elements for ultimate interior composition.

After long brainstorms how to organize the reception room it is came up the solution to create the capsule type element for the front desk staff for keeping the integrity of interior. The floor has vinyl finish that mimic the herringbone pattern maple hardwood.

For the main wall color was chosen the decorative paint that imitates the marble finish.

The hallway among the operatory rooms visually is segregated by floating ceiling that is fabricated of stretched ceiling deployment.

From our perspective we have coped pretty efficient in this project taking into account how to achieve the goal in organizing an amount of required rooms in the small and narrow space.