Everybody love an ice cream, but way more attractive the frozen yogurt delicious, for those who gauge, control the fat and calories.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is the largest self-serve frozen yogurt retailer, worldwide. With 680+ locations in over 30 countries

Tutti Frutti franchises all use own brand of cutting-edge machinery

In the designated store on 6191 Currents drive we have designed four machines

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Canada has expanded to 35+ locations across the nation.

The store works based on self-serving. Into the cups has to be topped up a frozen yogurt from the machine and add the endless flavors topping choices.

This store of Tutti-frutti can be classified as frozen yogurt café because it is designed on sixteen seats for visitors, who keen to enjoy the product into the fun atmosphere.

Most of the colors & patterns were applied according of Franchise brand codes that mimics the fruits and ingredients constituency of product.

In order to avoid “well” effect in the store unit, we have had to segregate the walls visually into two levels in ratio 2/3 by 1/3 first part into cartoon color and upper part in a darkest shade of grey.

Ultimately, the project purpose is to dispel the nitty-gritty days and boost each visitor’s mood.