Many of us knows about the wine and wine stores, but vast majority have never ever visited the wine supplier’s offices.

How do they organize their daily environment in order to work efficiently spreading the greatest products to the connoisseurs and among ordinary consumers.

The first request of the client was to be able to arrange three workers offices, one executive manger office and conference board room with a ten seats.

The main challenge faced us to design so many rooms with existing four windows only.

Because of importance to have the day light penetration for comfortable work, we have had to use the glass panel partition walls.

In order to minimize the lunch break time spending out of the office it was suggested to have the dining space and a kitchen nearby.

Each office room has an eight feet tall the wood door.

The interior has so many cold materials such as glass, metal, false stainless steel beams and posts, so we have been forced to mix them with warm type of finish materials.

Wine is associated with cellars we realized there isn’t other options beside to apply the brick veneer on the walls, in some sections of the ceiling in the entry and product showcase zones.

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