“Sakura” is the first established Japanese cuisine restaurant with ultra modern interior where you can immerse into the authentic “Land of the rising sun” atmosphere once the sun dusk. Here you can enjoy the food and hang out getting a sense of the Japan biggest cities night life. The idea of this nook is touching the culture of an active youth generation and comprehend what do they eat, what the sounds or music they listen and what colors, lights impact on them once the sun dusk.

The pivotal concept of restaurant is to involve the visitors into the food preparation, therefore we have had to move the kitchen and service area into the dining area.

The dining area has the three type of seats, chairs with tables section, the bar zone standard table height counter and the feature the tatami zone , where visitors would be able to get the experience having a meal seating in traditional Japanese posture. The formal way of sitting for both genders is kneeling (seiza). But vast majority of people it deemed uncomfortable. So, we designed the raised floor that allows having couple variations of sitting posture. Men Sit cross-legged, while women with both legs to one side. Anytime they can have a backup position letting to stretching both legs under the table floor void. Tatami room can be easily separated from the dining area by fabric ensuring space private. Raised floor is metal framed and covered by double layer of frost effect an orange colored plexiglass and animated below by led light creating the midnight illumination. On another hand this room opens the spectacular view on the night urban area.

The suspended ceiling has a modular slate wood panel that make a sense of of japanese eco interior, but in contemporary stylization. This extraordinary ceiling conceals the HVAC system grid furthermore it lets nicely to built in the vent diffusers and sprinklers heads.

The “Sakura” restaurant is an excellent spot for hang out and entering into the nowadays theme of Japan culture.