Additionon on 59 Master crescent SE, Calgary, AB

Client bought the house in fast-growing Mahogany community in Calgary AB.  His backyard turned out undeveloped and absolutely bare and the dwelling had lack of sunroom.


He pointed out the the list of requirements, most of them he has had shrank, because of the budget and some haven’t fall to the domestic building codes.


Ultimately, we have designed wood frame addition with cathedral type roof, that has  degree pitch.
Covered by shingles tiles and with two skylight, exterior walls are finished by cedar shake siding with 3 casements of sliding doors and assembled on screw piles make the sense of lightweight.

The addition has been designed and implemented according of RSI calculation, that ensure energy efficiency in foothill region.


Our company has provided composite deck, for two cars garage with vaulted roof and stamped concrete patio installation.

Tudor style gazebo

5-5 copy

Tudor style gazebo has been designed for the residential customer in Upper Mount Royal, Calgary, AB (Summer 2018)

Ultimately, we have determined to use the cedar wood frame and kayu exotic wood in interior paneling.

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Turned out that the customer is a connoisseur of Renaissance or Tudor style, therefore we have been forced to plunge into 16th century atmosphere in order to achieve the authentic result.

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We have been challenged as well to follow the City of Calgary building code regulation for getting the permission in specified community. 

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After 3 month of struggling we have been approved to implement that project. 

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For easy transformation to make the gazebo part of the outdoor space, we suggested to integrate the retractable type of windows. In foldable state it opens to you the eight feet span